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Books! A Few of My Faves

Updated: 6 days ago

Enough people have asked me for book recommendations that I thought I'd answer in a way that's available to more fellow book-lovers!

Here's just a few of my personal favorite "game changer" books and authors that were pivotal for me, most of which I've read more than once as I get more from each read. Books that are more in-depth on yoga specifically may follow in another list. :) Feel free to let me know if you're looking for specific types of recommendations.

  • Trance of Scarcity by Victoria Castle - Still a top fave that helped me understand and work with the scarcity mindset. I love that it includes practices to help take it from theoretical to practical.

  • The Power of Now by Ekhart Tolle - Revolutionary book on the power of presence, which seems to be at the heart of many peace-cultivating traditions, philosophies, and practices. Though written in 1997, it continues to bring me new "a-ha" moments every time I read it.

  • Wherever You Go, There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn - Written by the "father of mindfulness" and creator of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), this book has beautiful, real, and concrete examples of how to "bridge the gap" between the mat or cushion and life to help you integrate mindfulness into everyday moments.

  • The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron - Become the artist of your own life with a 12-week course that is largely about daily practice and designed to reconnect you with yourself. This book was instrumental in helping me make big changes in my own life back in 2014 and I continue to utilize its tools.

  • When the Body Says No: Exploring the Stress-Disease Connection by Gabor Maté - The body-mind connection between stress and disease with interesting case studies by a renowned physician.

  • It Didn't Start With You: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle by Mark Wolynn - Mind-blowing anecdotes about the transmission of intergenerational trauma that helps us understand where many of our presenting issues may actually come from and what we can do about it.

  • Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore - Thomas Moore says that many of our current modern-day issues come from a lack of "soul". This book is a "guide to cultivating depth and sacredness in everyday life" from a depth psychotherapy practitioner with degrees in religion, musicology, and theology who spent 13 years in seminary, quitting just before becoming a priest.

  • Anything by Stephen Cope - Sorry, not one book here because they're all too good. A psychotherapist and teacher at Kripalu Center for Yoga for almost 30 years, his practice is deep and he explores how to live as a yogi in the modern world. Great Work of Your Life is brilliant if you're struggling to "find your purpose".

  • Anything by Pema Chödrön - This incredibly relatable, funny, authentic, and real nun and American Tibetan Buddhist has a true gift for making the "hard work" of the spiritual path so much lighter and more joyful.

I hope it's of benefit! Happy reading!

Holler with any question, comments, or to share your faves with me! ♡


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