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8 Signs You Might Be Ready For A Yoga Teacher Training

Updated: Apr 14

3 Minute Read

Doing a yoga teacher training (YTT) is a big investment of time, energy, and finances! It is definitely a decision worth taking seriously.

So if you’re feeling a lot of stoke and excitement for yoga and starting to think about doing a training, read on for some of the signs that you might be ready for a yoga teacher training.

1. You Don’t Want To Teach

Let’s clear up this common misconception right away, shall we? Yoga teacher trainings are not just for those who want to teach! It’s common to do a training simply because you want to go deeper into yoga and explore more of its practices and benefits—and this is a great reason to train!

2. You Leave Class Wanting More

If your 60-minute asana class no longer feels like enough and leaves you wanting more, that level of excitement, curiosity, and passion shows that you could benefit from some extended learning.

3. You Sense There’s More To It Than the Poses

Maybe you’ve noticed interesting things happening in class: memories suddenly arising, surprising moments of clarity and insight, visions, moments of deep peace, silence, or release. And maybe these moments have made you ask: what exactly is happening in yoga? Why does a hamstring stretch make me feel anxious? Why did that twist trigger a strong memory? Why do I want to cry in that backbend? Why does yoga make me feel better and how can I have more of that? You may be ready to dig into more yoga philosophy as well as yoga’s multitude of other practices like breath work, sound work, meditation, yogic lifestyle practices, and more.

4. You’re Ready For Some Shifts In Your Personal Life

Yoga teacher trainings are virtually guaranteed to stir things up for us—get excited! As the practices help us reconnect with our true essence, our deepest wants clarify and our lives gather momentum in that direction. If you’ve been feeling stuck, or confused about your purpose or direction, it’s common for YTTs to help us more assuredly close old chapters and boldly open new ones.

5. You Already Share Yoga

If you are already that person that's always sharing that inspiring thing your teacher said and showing your friends that new pose you learned to stretch the lower back to help their pain, you’re already teaching and sharing yoga! Imagine what a bit more education could help you to share!

6. You’ve Benefited from Yoga and Want to Realize Even More of Its Benefits

Maybe you’ve noticed more self-awareness, discipline, kindness, more ease in your body, or more [insert other boon here]. Whatever benefits you’ve noticed, believe it or not, it’s JUST the tip of the iceberg and trainings are a great way to embrace more of yoga's many gifts.

7. You Just Want To

It’s common: We hear a quiet inner voice or have a felt-sense of wanting something but since it’s not perfectly logical because [insert 73 fear-based excuses],...we ignore it! Sound familiar? We often continue to doubt, judge, fear, and otherwise sit in our rational mind and debate over whether to move towards what we want for days, weeks,…or years! Yoga reconnects us with our intuition (which is not the same as logic) and strengthens our inner GPS system to help us make decisions (like whether to do a YTT and which one) with more grace and ease. If you just simply know or feel a YTT is for you, it probably is.

8. You Are Reading This!

If you’ve chosen to click on this link and read it to the end, odds are you are seriously considering doing a trainingcongrats! That level of serious consideration seems like something you might want to explore, no? Keep gathering information and tuning into your inner GPS for guidance and trust you will discover the timing and the training that are aligned for you.


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