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I aim to help people advance their yoga practice by taking it off the mat and into their daily lives to become free from external and internal limits to realize their true nature.


I believe yoga is a self-psychology technology that changes our lives by shifting our identity & reality so we can rest more in our true nature that is peaceful, joyful, fearless, and expansive.


I love to share yoga by combining my Western and Eastern trainings to create a blend of the modern Western scientific, psychological, physiological, therapeutic, and functional aspects of yoga with yoga’s more traditional holistic, spiritual, and energetic expressions.



200h Vinyasa, Alignment-based, Boulder, CO, USA - Shannon Paige, Erin Colleen Keeley, Nafisa Ramos

300h Hatha, Kundalini, Restorative, Rishikesh, India - Yogrishi Vishvaketu, Eila Devi Buziak

6-Week Teaching Internship (English & Español), Colombia - Sierra Melcher, Andrew Singer

6-Month Embodiment Coaching Certification - Embodiment Unlimited

11-Day (100 hour) Vipassana Buddhist Meditation Course

50h Yoga & Life Coaching Training - Prem Robin Campbell

50h Yoga & Life Coaching Training - Becky Center

30h Yoga Anatomy w/ Therapeutic Emphasis - Joshua McGirk

25h Yoga Nidra - Lily Goncalves

20h Yin Yoga - Kate Lombardi

16h Transformative Yoga & Life Coaching - Lily Goncalves

12h Yoga History & Philosophy - Doug Keller

Reiki Level II - Megan Slattery

Thai Yoga Healing Massage - Shama Kern, Robert Gardner

Bachelor's Degree in Biology - University of Colorado



Yoga Alliance ERYT200, RYT500

6 x 200-hour yoga teacher training co-leader

6 x at-home Ayurvedic cleanse retreat leader

3 x private retreat leader

Group public classes - 1600 hours experience

Coaching - 200 hours of experience

Thai massage practitioner - 150 hours experience

Reiki II practitioner - 50 hours experience

Ghost writer for yoga content - 5 years experience



I began practicing yoga in 1997 with a Rodney Yee VHS tape (thank you, Mr. Yee!) that I randomly decided to purchase, never having heard of yoga before. 


My practice continued sporadically at home with VHS and DVDs until I became consistent and started practicing at a studio in 2013 as I sought a physical outlet to replace running.


When a yoga retreat in Nicaragua in 2014 changed my life, I began to experience yoga as more than physical.


The retreat helped me realize how unhappy I was and yet how I felt stuck in a life that I didn't remember choosing.  Yoga helped me reconnect with myself and what I truly wanted and to remember that I am free to create my life. It was on this retreat that I learned to meditate and meditation has been my primary practice of yoga ever since for its life-changing effects.

I went home and took my first yoga teacher training and began the difficult process of leaving a job and relationship that hadn't been aligned for some time.  Throughout, I overcame much conditioning and many inner and outer obstacles in order to leave the societally and parentally approved path to live my dream of living a simple life abroad that I still feel like I'm living each day. Yoga has also helped to free me from a past of anxiety and depression.

As such, out of a background of dabbling in marine biology, exercise physiology, zoology, microbiology, molecular biology, education, and wilderness therapy field guiding—to name a few things—yoga is the thing that has stuck.

It brings me more peace, contentment, and joy everyday during even the 'downs' as well as the 'ups' of life, and it continues to help me expand what I think is possible and get out of my own way—and this is what I wish to share with others!

I love surfing, the speed of slow honey, a simple life lived mostly outdoors, life/self experiments, and learning daily as a constant student and explorer of yoga and life.  

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