After a yoga retreat in Nicaragua in 2014, I realized how unhappy I was & yet how I felt stuck in a life that I didn't remember choosing.  Yoga helped me reconnect with what I truly wanted & remember that I am free to create my life.

I went home & took my first yoga teacher training & I left a job & relationship that hadn't been working or aligned for some time.  Throughout, I overcame many inner & outer obstacles in order to leave the societally & parentally approved path & to create the life of my dreams.

As such, out of a background of dabbling in marine biology, exercise physiology, zoology, microbiology, molecular biology, education, & wilderness therapy field guiding, yoga is the thing that has stuck.

It brings me more peace, contentment, & joy everyday and continues to help me expand what I think is possible & realize my potential—& this is what I wish to share with others!

I love surfing, the speed of slow honey, a simple life lived mostly outdoors, life/self experiments, & learning daily as a constant student & explorer of life.  


I aim not just to help people feel good when guided or to do impressive things on the mat, but to cultivate the self-awareness, self-love, discipline, tools, & resilience to regulate themselves in all situations & to (more impressive to me) ride the waves of life with greater grace, joy, & ease.

I love to bridge the gap between my Western & Eastern trainings & blend the physiological, psychological, & spiritual to empower people use the tools of yoga for more than fitness, but to enhance their lives & realize their unique potential.  



200h Vinyasa, Alignment Based, Boulder, CO, USA - YogaPod

300h Hatha, Kundalini, Restorative, Rishikesh, India - Akhanda Yoga

30h Yoga Anatomy + Therapeutic Emphasis - Joshua McGirk

25h Yoga Nidra - Blooming Lotus

6-Week Teaching +en Español Internship, Colombia - Flying Tree Yoga

50h Yoga & Life Coaching Training - Prem Robin Campbell

50h Yoga & Life Coaching Training - Becky Center

16h Transformative Yoga & Life Coaching - Blooming Lotus


Reiki Level II - Megan Slattery

Thai Yoga Healing Massage - Shama Kern, Robert Gardner

Image by Marissa Rodriguez