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If yoga isn't radically changing your life, there's more you can be getting from the practice.


I love working 1:1 to help people integrate yoga and body-mind principles and practices into daily life to create the shifts they desire through body-mind coaching!




Coaching is for those who are ready for change.

While yoga can leave us feeling great at the end of an asana class, coaching can help us bridge the gap betwen what happens on the mat and the rest of our lives!

You can read more about what "coaching" means here.


This type of coaching utilizes 3 inextricable aspects to most effectively create change: 

  • The body - Postures, movements, interoception, breathing techniques, nervous system regulation

  • The mind - Awareness cultivation, visualization, inquiry, language use

  • Action - Small actions done consistently over time change our brains and our lives


  • Self-love and compassion

  • Mentorship for yoga teachers

  • Developing your own daily practices to cultivate what you need

  • Integrating yoga philosophy into your life

  • Moving through emotional blockages, wounds, and limiting beliefs

  • Creating clarity on what's important to you, what you want, and how to get there


In addition to my 10 years of experience of studying change and the body-mind as a yoga teacher, I have 200+ hours of coaching experience and 225+ hours of combined coaching training in:

  • Somatic processing - Releasing emotions

  • Sub/unsconscious work - Clarify one's values, identity, purpose, mission, and vision

  • Embodiment coaching - Making change through the portal of the body

  • Hypnotherapy & neuro-linguistic programming - Change work via neuroplasticity



Through July 8, 2024*

For a limited amount of time as a trial, I am offering a mini-package of sessions because:

1. I love this work.

2. I want to make it more accessible.

3. Many people are confused about it yet could benefit from it.


  • 1 month of 1:1 support for $100

  • 4 x 25-minute weekly sessions

  • Tailored, individualized support and practices

  • Self-chosen small weekly action steps to integrate change and create momentum

  • *Package booking initiated by July 15th. Sessions can take place after.


Schedule a free 15-minute discovery call for us to chat and see if I what I offer fits what you're looking for!



The 1:1s with Monica and her bottom-up approach I value more than any other modality I've ever tried, and I’ve tried lots. It’s more a framework than a modality anyways, a safely held space, a place of radical tenderness, acceptance and, eventually, curiosity for what has patiently been waiting in the dark for our light to be shed on. To show up again and again to meet all aspects of myself when I’m ready and in my own time. To acknowledge all parts without passing judgment. To maybe pass judgment and just notice.

Through the evolving relationship with my body and nervous system this work keeps integrating. On a practical level it allowed me, for the first time in my middle-aged life, to find and maintain a regular movement practice. 


As someone with an (initially covert) neurodivergent structure and a physiology shaped by complex trauma many modalities had passed me by or traumatized me further, and working with Monica actually restored hope that I never had in the first place.” 

Aishah, Germany

“I am forever grateful for connecting with Monica. She has had such an impact on me with her amazing and supportive energy! I appreciate so much her professional way of guiding me towards important steps and questions on this current journey that I‘m on. I can only recommend to try out her sessions and get to experience a safe space where things can emerge, evolve and grow within you!” 

Giulia Isceri, Switzerland

I had the pleasure of meeting Monica back in 2017 and her presence speaks for itself. You can simply feel she places practicing over preaching, a rare and invaluable trait. Through her Abundant Energy Flow package I was shown her incredibly insightful observations, an unintimidated and empathetic delivery of difficult messages, and practical and personalized the solutions.


She guided me through difficult core wound work and helped me train the witness to a point I had not yet experienced and am very excited to continue. Her guidance, companionship, and camaraderie in understanding my own internal landscape has caused noticeable shifts in how my external world now manifests and I am incredibly grateful.


She does so gracefully what guides are meant to do, she empowers the student. This can be emotional work, but I promise if you are willing to show up for yourself, Monica will most certainly show up for you. I would recommend her to anyone interested in real personal growth.” 

Madie Lanese, Michigan

In my coaching session with Monica, I found every minute to be valuable. She was so present and her gentle guidance throughout the session left me feeling seen and with newfound energy and confidence in my next steps.


The visualization exercises Monica offered helped me find a lot more clarity than I expected and allowed me to embody my visions for my business in a more grounded, tangible way.


If you're seeking support, guidance, or clarity in any way, I would highly recommend connecting with Monica. There is a magic in the space she creates in a coaching session that cannot be matched. Thank you, Monica, for the illuminating experience of working with you!” 

Brittany Haga, Minnesota

“My coaching experi­­ence with Monica was wonderful in every way. She provides such a safe space to explore­­ your core values, struggles, hopes, and dreams…all with unending patience, understanding, and sincerity. I don’t know how she does it, but somehow a-ha moments come easier to me when I work with her. She really provides the best environment for you to connect to your inner wisdom and light, and that is a very special gift. I highly recommend working with Monica, and I can’t wait to work with her again!” 

Julie Ulrich, New York

“Monica is a natural! She’s incredibly attentive and observant and guides you to excavate your own bodily insights in a way that is filled with compassion but also full of direction. I felt really heard and witness and in the session but she didn’t let me run away with my thoughts, continuously bringing me to the body - the well of insights! The practice I walked away from the session is so simple (and so fun!), I could easily implement it in my life and I am already feeling the benefits of the practice. I can be an overthinker and a painful perfectionist but the practice is really helping me to not only call in but really have a strong felt sense of what it can be like to bring more lightness and ‘no big deal’ attitude to balance that perfectionist streak in me. Highly recommend if you’re ‘stuck’ with something and not sure how to access it practically!” 

Joanna Sekieta, England

"Monica has been instrumental in helping me work through a major life transition. She is an amazing listener, and has been incredibly knowledgeable in helping me reframe my perspective. Monica offers no judgement, but provides realistic, practical frameworks to break down old habits and layers (and years) of negative self-talk.


I look forward to every call with Monica because I know I will come out of them more clear-headed and confident about my path. Her warm, thoughtful approach makes it incredibly easy to work with her, but it is her supportive drive towards accountability of outcomes that really encourages long-term change. She has a unique breadth and depth of knowledge that makes her coaching invaluable on the topics of living a more holistic life, deepening and enriching your yoga practice, and making meaningful changes. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with her and cannot imagine a stronger or more gracious partner."

Amy Smith, Vermont

"The "Get Clear" process helped me to find balance and direction in my life, and in particular in work and how other parts of my life fit together with my work. The process is quite easy but evolves really nicely. I liked the way it worked with symbolism, values, meditation, and visualizations.

It’s been kind of a tough period. I feel like I was in a bit of a rut and was waiting for something to happen and it wasn’t happening, but the framework of the sessions helped me understand which things I don’t need to feel guilty about and where I need to put some effort and focus.


I liked the different tools and the way each piece fit together. Each week there was something useful for me, a little piece of knowledge or guidance that we’d come up with together—Monica had the framework and I’d fill in the spaces. At the end of it, I feel great! More balanced and focused—it's been really helpful."

Tony Jansen, Australia

"Monica is one of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever come across. Monica is a big reason why I continuously am curious about spirituality, holistic health and expanding my horizons. 

I felt understood, encouraged and supported. As one of the few people I’ve met, I fully trusted Monica and felt instantly safe. Furthermore, she is gifted with a natural ability to hold the space for others, actively and selflessly listening without judgement while being extremely knowledgable and intelligent. She knows her shit, and is a wizard in helping you gain clarity and empathetically suggest tools to develop yourself and finding more peace within. Most importantly, I perceive her as intentional and authentic in everything she’s doing, which is very positively influencing and impactful.

I wish for everyone to meet and connect with Monica, because she is truly a pure, loving person with the biggest heart and knowledge; extraordinary and one of the kind."

Isabelle Bidstrup, Denmark

"Monica is one of the most thoughtful and compassionate yogis I have met. From our sessions I am taking away that it is possible to feel calm in tough or overwhelming moments and to breathe more calmly. The techniques are short, simple, and manageable and can be done at anytime without anyone noticing. It’s often easy to practice calming techniques in a yoga class, but these practices help to integrate them into my life when I need them most."

Danielle Hawkes, New York

"Monica adapted the session to my specific intentions, interests, and needs.​ I felt very comfortable and welcomed.​ The takeaway from the session was very simple and achievable.​ I'm starting to better recognize the tension I naturally hold in my body throughout the day.​ I really enjoyed the experience!"

Megan O'Hallaran, Ohio

"I liked Monica's empathy, I felt very comfortable and appreciated, and I liked that the session was short and very focused. I loved to work with body movement, that helped me."

Valerie Dobler, Switzerland


Schedule a free 15-minute discovery call for us to chat and see if I what I offer fits what you're looking for!

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