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You know how good it feels in the spring to open all the windows & doors in your house & sweep, & scrub, & clear out the old dust & clutter? 

...How come we don't do that with ourselves, too?

Spring is a great time to assess how our year is going so far & to re-align our relationship with ourselves, our habits, & our intentions.  


While many think of cleanses as depriving or harsh, this cleanse is about creating a mini-retreat space to love yourself up!


According to Ayurveda, cleansing between winter & spring helps us shed what we’ve collected through the winter—it's like spring cleaning for your body-mind


It's also a great way to eliminate excess Kapha (earth & water elements) that builds up in the winter that can show up as:


  • Depression

  • Lethargy & laziness

  • Excessive sleep

  • Brain fog

  • Indigestion

  • Excess mucous

  • Weight gain

  • Tendency to get colds

My friends in dark, cold countries know these all too well!

Even if you don't have the things listed above, cleansing is a great way to grow your self-awareness & understanding, gain clarity & insight, & to feel more empowered in your choices.


It can help with rebalancing all three doshas...And if you don't know what that means but are curious to find out, that's what this cleanse is for! 

"I highly recommend!"

~Isabelle B., Denmark

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Image by Calum Lewis

This gentle 3-5 day Ayurvedic cleanse has options for everyone, from the first-time to the experienced cleanser.  

In this cleanse we:

  • Create a nurturing retreat space that allows us to slow down, release, reflect, & re-align

  • Eat 3-meals a day (yay!) including a nourishing & detoxifying superfood porridge

  • Connect with a live group for accountability, connection, & support

  • Utilize live & pre-recorded practices to enhance cleanse benefits

  • Have the option to learn about Ayurveda through the guidebook and foundation of Ayurveda videos

  • Hydrate well with optional teas & herbs

  • Shift our bodies into fat-burning mode & do practices to help clear old emotions

  • Cultivate holistic intentionality around not just eating, but time & energy expenditure, screen-time, wake & sleep times, etc.

  • Reflect on what surfaces for us, what we need, & what we wish to carry forward



According to Ayurveda, seasonal cleansing can:











A primary focus of Ayurvedic cleanses is to enhance our digestive fire. According to this tradition, a strong digestive fire (agni) leads to:







"I'm already looking forward to the next session!"

~ Megan S., Colorado

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Ayurvedic cleanses can also help to balance excess Vata (air & ether elements) in addition to excess Kapha—we can have excess in both! 


  • Anxiety, nervousness, confusion, fear

  • Mental ruminations & excessive thinking or worrying

  • Easily distracted

  • Feeling "wired but tired"

  • Restlessness & fidgeting

  • Dry hair, skin, joints, & lips

  • Gas, bloating, constipation

  • Weight-loss

  • Coldness & poor circulation

  • Muscle twitching & palpitations

  • Sensitivity to loud nouses

  • Light, interrupted sleep

Herbs and spice on board_edited.jpg

"This experience has changed how I used to perceive cleanse retreats."

~ Eva D., Czech Republic

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Ayurveda is translated as the "science of life" and is considered a sister science of yoga.


It is India's alternative holistic health and wellness system and widely believe to be the oldest wellness tradition in the world, dating back over 5,000 years.


It aims for prevention and treatment via holistic strategies to maintain balance of one's inherent constitution.


Aspects that can be used to maintain balance include our daily schedule, type of activities/exercise, what we consume, what climate we're in, and much more.


According to Ayurveda, digestion is a key component of wellness and cleanses are commonly used in this tradition to strengthen digestion. 


Periodic cleanses are believed to be preventative maintenance that helps us stabilize our health as they help us clear accumulations from our system such as: environmental toxins, processed foods, unresolved emotions, and psychological stress than can cause toxicity build-up in our body-minds.



"Monica's fall ayurvedic cleanse was such a perfect combination of care of the body, mind, and spirit. Before the cleanse, I was feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and lacking control over my eating habits. During the cleanse, I could feel my body getting a much needed reset and rest. After the cleanse, I had a rockstar digestion (great poops, lol!), more calm focused energy, and felt excited and ready for the transition into winter slowness, rather than fighting against it like I usually do. The program itself was super supportive. I loved the group meetups each day of the cleanse, for both accountability and for the variety of self-care tools Monica shared with us. The eBook was beautiful and very helpful. I referred to it often for the recipes and guidance. I also loved learning about the ayurvedic theories behind food, our bodies, and how to best support our doshas. I would absolutely do this cleanse process again! I can see it being so beneficial to do with each season change, during illness, or anytime you need a reset. I'm already looking forward to the next session!"

~ Megan S., Colorado


"Monica was an excellent teacher for my first cleanse. She is one of the most thoughtful and compassionate yogis I have met and her careful and research-based approach came through in every aspect of the cleanse. I feel empowered to make healthier choices and truly enjoy "treats" when I choose to instead of feeling like I need them to get through the day. I would definitely do this cleanse again and try to push myself a bit further with Monica's guidance."

~ Danielle H., New York


"The fall clearing cleanse came at a perfect time for me to slow down and reset. I feel like I am much more aware of the choices I am making in my life and I have been able to release self-judgment through this simple awareness. Monica was a gentle and supportive guide throughout the process who shared her wisdom and helped me make sense of what came up for me during the cleanse. I really look forward to doing another cleanse with Monica!"

~ Chelsea J., Vermont

"My first cleanse ever with Monica has opened a new door for me, especially realizing how much diet is connected to our emotions and general well-being.  I have received golden advices of how to take care of my eating habits and I enjoyed the structure of retreat as thank to pre-cleanse days period I have had a smoother transition to full cleanse days.  This experience has changed how I used to perceive cleanse retreats in general, I wasn't suffering and neither being hungry.  And the effect after was just pure bliss.  I even continue with some more cleanse days from time to time by myself.  Very grateful to have Monica's guidance and support of the whole group.  On top of all the detailed guidebook written by Monica, has helped me to get full overview of the retreat and anytime I can now come back to any information I am interested in."

~ Eva D., Czech Republic

"I feel very lucky to have experienced my first Ayurvedic cleanse in Monica's safe hands. Given that it was my first experience, I was a little anxious going into it, however Monica provided a huge amount of personal support all the way through and beyond the cleanse, easing any feeling of uncertainty. Not only did I feel supported, but the information she provided was hugely educational, breaking down the reasoning behind each step and individualizing the cleanse for each person. The intimate group check-ins provided the space to share and reflect on our own and others' experiences whilst also encouraging one another through any challenges we faced. I learnt a huge amount about myself and I would like to thank Monica for her incredible guidance and the insight that the cleanse provided me with."

~ Lottie S., UK

"Monica is one of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever come across. I was fortunate to participate in her 200H Hatha & Vinyasa YTT, where I learned profound things about yogic philosophy, anatomy and meditation through her presence, experience as well as way of teachings. Monica is a big reason why I continuously am curious about spirituality, holistic health and expanding my horizons. In the training I felt understood, encouraged and supported. As one of the few people I’ve met, I fully trusted Monica and felt instantly safe. Furthermore, she is gifted with a natural ability to hold the space for others, actively and selflessly listening without judgement while being extremely knowledgable and intelligent. She knows her shit, and is a wizard in helping you gain clarity and empathetically suggest tools to develop yourself and finding more peace within. Most importantly, I perceive her as intentional and authentic in everything she’s doing, which is very positively influencing and impactful. In the fall I chose to enroll in her online Ayurvedic cleanse, which helped me release tension and mental stress. Through the program I felt guided with empowerment and cared for. I gained clarity as well as feeling more connected to my intuition, breath and body signals. It was beneficial to share the experience in a group encouraging each others journeys as it can be mentally challenging. The program, tips and recipes was on point and well thought through. I highly recommend! I wish for everyone to meet and connect with Monica, because she is truly a pure, loving person with the biggest heart and knowledge; extraordinary and one of a kind."

~ Isabelle B., Denmark

"The cleanse with Monica was exactly what I needed.  Due to endometriosis and other conditions I have a lot of problems with my digestion system and I always look for ways to find easy release when it's getting too much. So the cleanse with Monica helped a lot to 'reset' and 3 days were a super doable time. Monica was there with all the questions I had and her videos and practices were the perfect addition and made it a round packet. I will for sure do it again and highly recommend to everyone to give it a try."

~ Dany H., Germany

"I loved the cleanse and already wanna do it again. The guidebook and workbook are so well designed and have so much value that I feel that I need to do it several times to get all the benefits and make use of everything that is in there. I also loved the live calls with the different practices. It makes it not only feel like a cleanse but more like a whole and holistic wellness experience. I definitely feel more connected to myself after the cleanse ♥️ Also more raw and vulnerable. I am glad I went with it as I learned a lot about myself. Our 1:1 session today added even more depth to it and was super supportive ♥️🙏🏼 I gained far more understanding about myself than I have expected from the cleanse."

~ Monja G., Germany

"I decided to go for a cleanse after coming back from Sicily. There I really had no control of food and coffee, I let myself have it all. And yet, it was really good but I felt so heavy when I came back. Full of caffeine, sweets and most of all - cravings. I wanted to try 3 days without anything, just let my body feel the pain, the wish and desire for something what I cannot have. I made my kichari and honestly, it looked gross, but the first and second day I ate only kichari and I felt little bit dizzy that I have no power. But having Monica's guidance, daily evening calls, support from community, I really loved how the process went. After the abhyanga massage I felt so nice that I will repeat it. :) I understood that it is challenging when it is cold outside and cold inside my belly, but I had a choice to clean it. Not only the belly, but the mind. So hear the noise gone, to hear clear mind, drinking a lot of water. Like washing myself. I would love to repeat and now I know with whom :)"

~ Marija S., Lithuania

Image by Lisa Hobbs


What's the cost?

$95. Registration closes March 18th. Scholarships available for those who need! Just contact me for deets. ♡

What's included?

  • 5 x Live calls:

    • 1 x Getting Started FAQ call to answer all your questions & meet the group

    • 3 x Live group practice & connection calls

    • 1 x Final group integration call

  • Ongoing support throughout the cleanse

  • 2.5 Hours of pre-corded content "Intro to Ayurveda" to better understand yourself, Ayurveda, & the cleanse

  • 60 Pages of e-book content with:

    • Drink & meal recipes

    • General info on Ayurveda

    • Recommendations for your dosha/imbalances

    • Tracking logs for cravings, energy, mood, & hydration

    • Journal prompts to help you gain mental/emotional cleanse benefits

  • 1 x Morning practice video to stoke your physical & mental digestion

  • 1 x Guided meditation audio recording to help enhance emotional clearing

  • A discount on future Ayurvedic cleanse retreats (offered 2x/year in spring & fall)

  • The tools & know-how to keep doing the cleanse on your own in the future!

Why is it called "3-5 days"?

As some have now done the 3-day version of the cleanse with me multiple times, I decided to add the option to receive support for a 5-day cleanse for those who wish to keep expanding & deepening the cleanse benefits by extending it longer.  You can do the 3-day version if it's your first cleanse (Ayurvedic or otherwise) or extend to 5 days—it's up to you!

Is 3 days enough to make a difference?

You'd be surprised!  Many people feel it is just the right amount to integrate into a normal life schedule.  Whether you're newer to cleansing or experienced, 3-days is enough to provide a physical, mental, & emotional reset.  The short time-frame can also help us to commit more fully than we might with a longer time period.  If you are a seasoned cleanser you are of course welcome to try the 5-day version!

Why do this Ayurvedic cleanse over another cleanse?

  • Gentle & great for first time cleansers!  Eating 3 meals a day means you're not starving plus there are more options to make it even more accessible while still delivering you cleanse benefits

  • Options for experienced cleansers 

  • Low-calorie cleanses can sometimes shift the body into stress-/fat-storing mode instead of stabilizing blood sugar & shifting the metabolism into fat-burning mode

  • Receive holistic benefits: This cleanse isn't about weight loss but about detoxifying, reseting, & restoring physically, mentally, & emotionally

  • Receive tools for physical, mental, & emotional detoxification to use for a lifetime

  • Focus on nourishment, self-care, & self-awareness versus harsh restrictions

  • Enjoy a supportive community for conscious connection & accountability

  • Align with seasonal cycles to better work with & realign your constution

  • Learn a bit about Ayurveda, your personal constitution, current imbalances & how to work with them

What are the dates?

Registration closes: Monday, March 18th

Pre-cleanse: Tuesday, March 19th-Thursday, March 21st (or start earlier)

Active cleanse: Friday, March 22nd-Sunday, March 24th (5-day version: extend through Tuesday, March 26th)

Post-cleanse: Monday, March 25th-Wednesday, March 27th (5-day version: Wednesday, March 27th-Friday, March 29th)

What is the call schedule?

Getting Started FAQ Call: Sunday, March 16th

Practice Calls*: Friday, March 22nd-Sunday, March 24th (active cleanse days) 

Final Integration Call: Wednesday, March 27th

*Note: You will have a chance to vote on the call times when you register & times will be made to adapt to the group as best as possible. Recordings will be provided. If we have a more even mix of North Americans & Europeans, call times will most likely be in the morning for North Americans & afternoon/evening for Europeans so we can all connect. :)

What do those things look like?


Get your body-mind used to eating more simply to help ease your transition into the cleanse.  The pre-cleanse prepares you physically, mentally, & emotionally, & is recommended as it will help you get more from the active cleanse.  It looks like starting to cut out/cut back on meat, caffeine, alcohol, refined sugars, etc. leading up to the cleanse & perhaps even extending that another day or more if you normally consume a lot of those things. Note: If you feel you can't go without meat for the 3 days, there are options for you!

During the pre-cleanse, the workbook will also help you get clear on your intentions for the experience.

Active cleanse

The bulk of your diet is "Kitchari" (vegetarian), a traditional Indian Ayuervedic superfood porridge.  It is like Indian rice & beans & prepared with ghee (recommended but also vegan options) to aid in the detoxification process.  There are options to ease this process if it's your first cleanse, including a different option to eat for breakfast, optional snacks, & beverages.  I will also suggest a "re-hydration" procedure which means sipping warm water throughout the day to help deeply hydrate your body & help with the detoxification process. 


You will receive a craving, energy, & mood tracker plus journal prompts to help you be intentional & get the most out of your in your mini-self retreat!

Live group check-ins/practices help you stay accountable & provide further space to release mentally, physically, & emotionally.


Slowly transition into life as normal (or perhaps some upgraded version depending on what you learn in the cleanse).  I recommend taking at least 3 days to transition, with one option to swap out one meal a day with lighter/simpler versions of what you normally eat so that by the end of three days you are back to more of your regular diet.  This helps you to further learn about how what you normally ingest is affecting your body-mind so you more powerfully integrate the benefits of the cleanse.

What about coffee!?

It is generally suggested to abstain from caffeine during the cleanse.  (If you notice a brief panic, this could be exactly what you need haha.)  It gives our nervous system a chance to restore & when you continue your coffee routine you will get more of a boost again from the caffeine.  However, if it is shifting you more into stress mode to be without your coffee, you might simply decrease it or switch to green tea.  During past cleanses, most found eliminating coffee was way less scary & intense than they imagined it to be in their minds.  This is an opportunity to reassess the things we have in our lives, what we consume, why, & how they are serving us.  The accountability of the group space gives everyone a chance to make options that challenge them in a manageable way that helps the body while strengthening the mind.

Can I lead my normal life?

In general, cleansing invites us more into YIN mode—letting go, releasing, resting—this is the point!  You will be shifting into a different body-mind mode & so it makes sense to shift your daily routine at least somewhat too.  If you're someone who lives a lot in YANG mode (outward, active, doing), this could be just the right moment to rest your nervous system for the 3 active cleanse days & use this time to clean, clear, & release.

While you can still do much of what you normally do, you may have less energy than normal & heavy activity or intense exercise is not recommended.


I encourage making this a special (even sacred) time for yourself & a way to honor & nourish your body.  You might consider clearing what's not necessary from your calendar so you can tune into what you learn during the inner detoxification & cleaning process.  Up to you of course, you can lead life totally normally, you can make this a full on sacred retreat for yourself, & all the options in between. 

What should I expect?

It's common for people to have less energy than usual during the active cleanse, while a few find their energy is not diminished much at all. Most people can still do their required life duties just fine.  Some might also have periods of more energy, or what feels like a different type of energy.  Shifts in energy, mood, & cravings are normal & the provided workbook & meditation are designed to support you through those, but you shouldn't ever feel like you're starving.  If stronger adverse symptoms arise (feeling nauseous, dizzy, etc.), I will suggest some actions to better stabilize your blood sugar.  To clarify, those are symptoms that some associate with cleansing but they are not considered normal outcomes of this type of cleanse (which is why I like it!) & they will be mitigated if they arise.

What will I need/need to buy?

First, I want to say that I have done this in many parts of the world without access to the full ingredients. So if you don't have access to everything precisely—sorry!—but you can't use that as an excuse, my friend. :) In a pinch, you can use any type of rice, lentils, and vegetables, with whatever spices and oil you can access, and still get most of the cleanse benefits!


You will get the full recipes, but the basics of what you'll need is: veggies, Basmati rice, mung dal/lentils/split yellow peas, ghee, & spices. 


Additionally, you might like some extra herbs & spices for special teas & tonics (&/or a protein source & oatmeal if you're new to cleansing & going the poly-diet instead of mono-diet route).  Those who tend to get constipated or who want to improve cleanse effects might want to buy the Ayurvedic herb Triphala.  There may also be a couple more items for your grocery list depending on your Ayurvedic constitution & whether you have an imbalance currently (e.g. fruit, almonds, yogurt, quinoa, coconut oil, fresh coriander).  Everything needed you should be able to find at your local stores!  

Is it safe?

I'm not a doctor.  Please check with yours.  But one of the reasons I love this cleanse is you're still eating something warming & hearty all day!  So it's generally safe & accessible for most people.  You aren't severely restricting your calories & you're still consuming fat (clarified butter known as "ghee") to keep your gallbladder flushing & contracting which helps with risks associated with suddenly changing to a no fat diet that can lead to gallbladder sludge or stones.  It is generally not recommended to do any cleanse during menstruation, pregnancy, while breast-feeding, or if in a weakened state. 

What if I'm menstruating?

Ayuveda generally recommends against fasting or cleansing while menstruating. In the past, some have chosen to do the cleanse if they aren't on their heavy days or to shift the cleanse a couple days to align better with their cycle while still attending the group calls.

What happens once I register?

  • Get a confirmation email with a link to a quiz to determine your Ayurvedic constitution & current imbalances

  • Receive a link to the members page where you can access the foundations of Ayurveda videos, meditation recording, & morning practice video as well as the links to download the guidebook & workbook

  • Attend the Getting Started FAQ call or email me with any questions

  • Choose your cleanse option & create space in your schedule & life for this reset period

  • You will receive all you need to know from there forward!




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