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200-Hour Transformative Hatha-Vinyasa YTT

A Yoga Alliance Registered School



Jan 21 - Feb 13, 2022


Apr 2 - Apr 24, 2022







Small Group Size
A maximum of 12 students help you get your specific questions answered, a greater depth of knowledge via a close connected community, & more practice teaching time to strengthen your voice.

A Focus on the Integration of Yogic Practices & Tools
Leave with a personal practice & set of tools to help nourish you & bring balance in your daily life.  Teach authentically from your personal direct experience of yoga instead of simply memorizing & copying your teachers.

Personal Development
Inclusion of moving past blockages, self-love, empowerment & taking ownership of your life.

Connection With Nature
Both Morocco & Nicaragua locations are immersed in nature & some practices & training aspects are conducted in nature to embrace the soothing affect that nature has on the nervous system that makes space for calm, release, clarity, & insight.

We Give Back
We are thrilled to be able to offer a FULL SCHOLARSHIP for one Nicaraguan for our April training to support the local community in the San Juan del Sur area and to provide an opportunity for someone to deepen their practice and to be able to share yoga with someone who might not otherwise be able fund such a program. A portion of the teacher training tuition also makes a donation to for defense of habitats, biodiversity, and social justice on a global scale.



Lookout Yoga Deck, Nicaragua​​


Our training is registered with the Yoga Alliance and meets standards for a 200-hour training which means the curriculum includes:

Learning, practicing, & teaching asana, pranayama, kriya, chanting, mantra, & meditation

Teaching styles, communication skills, time management, boundaries, principles of demonstration, observation, assisting & correcting, qualities of a teacher, the business aspects of yoga, etc.

Human anatomy & physiology as they relate to yoga, energetic anatomy (chakras, nadis, etc.), healthy movement patterns, contraindications, etc.

Study of yoga philosophies & texts (Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, etc.), yogic lifestyle, teacher ethics

PRACTICUM (10 hrs)
Practice teaching, giving & receiving feedback, observing other teachers teaching, assisting students while someone else is teaching​​



Ann Schreppers
Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin (TCM), Trancework / Akashic Study

Ann’s mission is to raise awareness and love on our planet. She believes that the journey of Yoga is about remembering your unlimited inherent potential and life’s possibilities to create.

With a background in classical ballet and dance, she is passionate about the creative process of connecting fluid movement to the breath. She believes that the shapes our body can take, are a representation of the many shapes our life can take through consciousness.

Ann’s teachings are all about curiosity, self-love and empowerment, while learning to show up for yourself in all moments and days. Ann has over 5000 hours of teaching experience worldwide in multiple styles. She finished over 1000 of hours of Training in Hatha Yoga, loves silent retreats, profound self-exploration and empowerment, philosophy, psychology, (conscious) communication, education, spirituality, surf, and of course to enjoy the magical explorative nature of life itself!

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Monica Munguia
Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, Kundalini, Thai Massage, Energy Work

​​Monica sees yoga as science and a profoundly empowering self-psychology tool.  She believes yoga offers us techniques to bring balance and healing to the body, mind, emotions, and energy.  The practice itself helps us cultivate the awareness to see where we are more clearly, the compassion needed to heal, the honesty to admit how what we're doing is and isn't serving us, and the discipline to do something differently if we choose.  In essence, yoga can give us both the tools and the wisdom of how to utilize the tools to help us on our life's path.

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Guest Teachers

Our training will include some workshops by other senior yoga teachers and inspiring and thought-provoking leaders who walk their talk in other yoga-related fields.  Examples include art therapy, environmental and social justice, body-work and the mind-body connection, using hypnosis to overcome personal obstacles, etc.​​


Meditation on Costa Dulce Beach, Nicaragua



What if I don't want to teach?
No problem!  Many people do YTTs (yoga teacher trainings) simply because they love yoga!  YTTs are a great way to deepen your knowledge of yoga & create a strong, lifelong, personal practice.

Do I need to be able to do advanced poses?
No! You will learn the physical & energetic alignment of the pose families & many specific asanas so that you can teach poses without being able to do them. 

How much yoga experience do I need?
Self-awareness & enthusiasm for learning about yoga are of primary importance. Additionally, ~1 year of once a week physical yoga practice or other movement or spiritual practice will allow you to get even more from the training.

What does Transformative Hatha-Vinyasa mean?
"Transformative" refers to the fact that retreating from the demands & environment of daily life & immersing ourselves in the transformative practices of yoga often leads to lasting change. 

"Hatha-Vinyasa" refers to the fact that the training is combination of traditional hatha and the more modern "vinyasa" styles of yoga.  Hatha is the name commonly used to refer to traditional physical practices of yoga as well as mudra, mantra, kriyas, ethical practices, breathwork & meditation.  Vinyasa is a modern form of hatha that is more variable by teacher & might be influenced by dance, martial arts, non-traditional movement, therapeutic movements, & plyometric exercises, calisthenics, & more.

Our training will additionally familiarize you with other styles of yoga so you can help students find the right type for their needs.  These include yin yoga, restorative yoga, kundalini yoga, Iyengar yoga, and Asthanga yoga.

How much does it cost?

Options range from $3500 to $4500

What's included in the cost?
The cost includes: 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training tuition & certification, accommodations & meals for the duration of the training, 1x surf lesson, 1x temazcal/cacao ceremony, 1x massage, 1x excursion, and swimming pool access.

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