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Welcome to the Spring Reset Cleanse! 

Download Your 2 x E-Books Here:

Walks you through cleanse info & instructions

Helps you track your experiences to enhance cleanse benefits

Guided Meditation

This cleanse is a great time to practice being with what is.  This is a way that we can let go of unhelpful habits that are sometimes helping us to avoid discomfort, when the thing that will actually help us process & release the root of the discomfort (& thereby reduce the need for the habit) is to be with what's arising with compassion.

Feel free to use this short 7 minute practice any time during the cleanse & beyond when you want some support in being with an uncomfortable craving, physical sensation, thought formation, or emotion.

The practice starts with a short centering & breathing practice followed by going through the practice of R.A.I.N. for being with difficult emotions (recognize, allow, investigate, nurture). There are many ways to do this practice & this one is inspired by
the amazing Tara Brach.

Cleanse Meditation
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Morning Practice Video:
Stoke Your Inner Fire!

For those of who us who still want a little physical exertion that aligns with the cleanse intentions, you might try this short (but fiery) morning practice!  Do it before you eat in the morning to enhance your digestive fire & ability to digest mentally, physically, & emotionally.  Practice starts at ~2:30 so after your first time it takes less than 8 minutes! :)

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