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Ready for some body-mind spring cleaning?!

Spring is a great time to assess how our year is going so far & to re-align our relationship with our food, our bodies, & ourselves.  


While many think of cleanses as depriving or harsh, this cleanse is about



According to Ayurveda, cleansing between winter and spring helps us shed what we’ve collected through the winter—it's like spring cleaning for your body-mind! 


It helps us eliminate excess Kapha (earth & water elements in our body-mind) that builds up in the winter that can show up as:

  • Brain fog

  • Depression

  • Lethargy

  • Laziness

  • Excessive sleep

  • Indigestion

This gentle 3-day Ayurvedic cleanse involves eating 3 meals a day (yay!) including a superfood porridge & has options for everyone, from the first-time to the experienced cleanser.  


Group connection & accountability incentivize us to show up at our best for ourselves during this loving reset.

The primary focus of Ayurvedic cleanses is to enhance our digestive fire.  In this tradition, a strong digestive fire (agni) leads to:










Investment: $75




"Monica's fall ayurvedic cleanse was such a perfect combination of care of the body, mind, and spirit. Before the cleanse, I was feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and lacking control over my eating habits. During the cleanse, I could feel my body getting a much needed reset and rest. After the cleanse, I had a rockstar digestion (great poops, lol!), more calm focused energy, and felt excited and ready for the transition into winter slowness, rather than fighting against it like I usually do. The program itself was super supportive. I loved the group meetups each day of the cleanse, for both accountability and for the variety of self-care tools Monica shared with us. The eBook was beautiful and very helpful. I referred to it often for the recipes and guidance. I also loved learning about the ayurvedic theories behind food, our bodies, and how to best support our doshas. I would absolutely do this cleanse process again! I can see it being so beneficial to do with each season change, during illness, or anytime you need a reset. I'm already looking forward to the next session!"

~ Megan S., Colorado


"Monica was an excellent teacher for my first cleanse. She is one of the most thoughtful and compassionate yogis I have met and her careful and research-based approach came through in every aspect of the cleanse. I feel empowered to make healthier choices and truly enjoy "treats" when I choose to instead of feeling like I need them to get through the day. I would definitely do this cleanse again and try to push myself a bit further with Monica's guidance."

~ Danielle H., New York


"The fall clearing cleanse came at a perfect time for me to slow down and reset. I feel like I am much more aware of the choices I am making in my life and I have been able to release self-judgment through this simple awareness. Monica was a gentle and supportive guide throughout the process who shared her wisdom and helped me make sense of what came up for me during the cleanse. I really look forward to doing another cleanse with Monica!"

~ Chelsea J., Vermont


Why do this Ayurvedic cleanse over another cleanse?

  • Gentle & great for first time cleansers!  Eating 3 meals a day means you're not starving plus there are more options to make it even more accessible while still delivering you cleanse benefits

  • Options for experienced cleansers 

  • Receive holistic benefits: This cleanse isn't about weight loss but about detoxifying, reseting, & restoring physically, mentally, & emotionally

  • Receive tools for physical, mental, & emotional detoxification to use for a lifetime

  • Focus on nourishment, self-care, & self-awareness versus harsh restrictions

  • Enjoy a supportive community for conscious connection & accountability

  • Align with seasonal cycles to better work with & realign your constution

  • Learn a bit about Ayurveda, your personal constitution, current imbalances & how to work with them

What are the dates?

Pre-cleanse: March 23 - 25 (or start earlier)

Active cleanse: March 26 - 28

Post-cleanse: March 29 - 31 (or extend longer)

What do those things look like?


Get your body-mind used to eating more simply to help ease your transition into the cleanse.  It is very helpful physically, mentally, and emotionally, and highly recommended.  It looks like starting to cut out/cut back on meat, caffeine, alcohol, refined sugars etc. leading up to the cleanse & perhaps even extending that another day or more if you normally consume a lot of those things. Note: if you feel you can't go without meat for the 3 days, there are options for you.

Active cleanse

The bulk of your diet is "Kitchari" (vegetarian), a traditional Indian Ayuervedic superfood porridge.  It is like Indian rice and beans & prepared with ghee (recommended but also vegan options) to aid in the detoxification process.  There are options to ease this process if it's your first cleanse, including a different option to eat for breakfast, optional snacks, & beverages.  I will also suggest a "re-hydration" procedure which means sipping warm water throughout the day to help deeply hydrate your body & help with the detoxification process. 


You will receive a "craving-tracker" & journal prompts to help you be intentional & get the most out of your in your mini-self retreat!

Live nightly group check-ins/practices help you stay accountable & provide further space to release mentally, physically, & emotionally.


Slowly transition into life as normal (or perhaps some upgraded version depending on what you learn in the cleanse).  I recommend taking at least 3 days to transition, with one option to swap out one meal a day with lighter/simpler versions of what you normally eat so that by the end of three days you are back to more of your regular diet.  This helps you to further learn about how what you normally ingest is affecting your body-mind so you more powerfully integrate the benefits of the cleanse.

What about coffee!?

It is generally suggested to abstain from caffeine during the cleanse.  (If you notice a brief panic, this could be exactly what you need.)  It gives our nervous system a chance to restore AND when you continue your coffee routine you will get more of a boost again from the caffeine.  However, if it is shifting you more into stress mode to be without your coffee, you might simply decrease it or switch to green tea.  During the fall cleanse, most found eliminating coffee was way less scary & intense than they imagined it to be in their minds.  This is an opportunity to reassess the things we have in our lives, what we consume, why, & how it's serving us.  The accountability of the group space gives everyone a chance to make options that challenge them in a manageable way that helps the body while strengthening the mind.

Can I lead my normal life?

In general, cleansing invites us more into YIN mode—letting go, releasing, resting—this is the point!  You will be shifting into a different body-mind mode & so it makes sense to shift your daily routine at least somewhat too.  If you're someone who lives a lot in YANG mode (outward, active, doing), this could be just the right moment to rest your nervous system for the 3 active cleanse days & use this time to clean, clear, & release.

While you can still do much of what you normally do, you may have less energy than normal & heavy activity or intense exercise is not recommended.


I encourage making this a special (even sacred) time for yourself & a way to honor & nourish your body.  You might consider clearing what's not necessary from your calendar so you can tune into what you learn during the inner detoxification & cleaning process.  Up to you of course, you can lead life totally normally, you can make this a full on sacred retreat for yourself, & all the options in between. 

What should I expect?

You will likely have less energy than usual during the active cleanse days (for some maybe during the-pre cleanse days), but most people can still do much of their normal life duties just fine.  Some might also have periods of more energy, or what feels like a different type of energy.  Cravings are normal & the E-book is designed to support you through those, but you shouldn't ever feel like you're starving.  If stronger adverse symptoms arise (feeling overly nauseous, moody, tired, dizzy, etc.), I will suggest some actions to better stabilize your blood sugar.  To clarify, those are symptoms that some associate with cleansing but they are not considered normal outcomes of this type of cleanse (which is why I like it!) & they will be mitigated if they arise.

What do I need to buy?

You will get the full recipes, but the basics of what you'll need is: veggies, Basmati rice, mung dal/split yellow peas, ghee, & spices.  Additionally, you might like some extra herbs & spices for special teas & tonics (&/or a protein source & oatmeal if you're new to cleansing and going the poly-diet instead of mono-diet route).  Those who tend to get constipated or who want to improve cleanse effects might want to buy the Ayurvedic herb Triphala.  There may also be a couple more items for your grocery list depending on your Ayurvedic constitution & whether you have an imbalance currently (e.g. fruit, almonds, yogurt, quinoa, coconut oil, fresh coriander).  Everything needed you should be able to find at your local stores.  



Is it safe?

I'm not a doctor.  Please check with yours.  But one of the reasons I love this cleanse is you're still eating something warming & hearty all day!  So it's generally safe & accessible for most people.  You aren't severely restricting your calories & you're still consuming fat (Ghee) to keep your gallbladder flushing & contracting which helps with risks associated with suddenly changing to a no fat diet that can lead to gallbladder sludge or stones.

What happens once I register?

Here's what happens:

  • Get a confirmation email with a link to a quiz to determine your Ayurvedic Constitution & current imbalances

  • Receive your e-book with cleanse info, recipes, tracking sheets, & journaling prompts

  • Attend the Getting Started FAQ call to ensure your questions are answered

  • Choose your cleanse option & create space in your schedule & life for this cleansing time

  • Prepare for the cleanse by doing your shopping (perhaps adding things to help your specific imbalances as found in the e-book) and starting your pre-cleanse transition on or before March 23

  • On active cleanse days, try the short morning practice video, do your best on active cleanse days to nourish yourself through Ayurveda, & attend nightly practice calls as you're able to connect with the group & try practices that support your personal release

  • Slowly transition to normal life post-cleanse using the suggestions provided & utilize journaling prompts to integrate your experiences & make intentional choices going forward



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